Realm International gas & oil trading is an independent trading house specializing in chemical products. Our company located at the heart of UAE, provides services of highly experienced professionals, who work with the clients all over the world


Realm International F.Z.E was formed in 2014 with the objective of refurbishing rigs and project management expertise.....
Our Mission
Realm International’s Mission is to provide our customers as Safe, High Quality and Reliable for Oil and Gas Industry in Offshore Projects for the benefit of all stakeholders, while delivering value for money to our customers.
Core Values
Core Values HSE is a fundamental value within Realm International and a strong Health and Safety culture exists within the Group, driven by understanding and ownership of personal and collective safety.
Our Vision
Realm International’s Vision is “To be a world-class company and the service provider of choice in the offshore support and specialist engineering in the oil and gas sector.”

About Realm International

The benefit to our clients is that our asset is positioned directly adjacent to the clients’ platform or installation, allowing access via fixed bridge 24 hours between worksite and accommodation.



The Realm 1 is an accommodation vessel which features operational capability up to 196.85 feet / 60 meters of water depth and can accommodate up to 240 people.


Our Values

Customer Oriented-The customer comes first. We at Realm know that commitment to our customer is the most important strength. Innovative-We are constantly looking for progressive solutions without losing our sight of reality.

Welcome To Realm International

In the face of ever increasing worldwide demand for oil and gas, offshore concession owners and operators are faced with the challenge of increasing or sustaining production from existing fields while simultaneously mounting fast track campaigns to identify and develop new fields. Although the majority of the existing offshore production and transmission infrastructure is ageing and in need of extensive remediation, production capacity must be expanded even as new facilities are constructed and installed. These circumstances combine to create sustained demand for offshore accommodation.


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